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Dear visitor, welcome to the AIC Wiki Color Forum. This is a project of the International Colour Association. (The official website of AIC you will find here:

This project was proposed by Leonhard Oberascher and developed with the help of Helmut Leitner. Launched officially during the 11th AIC congress in Sydney, September 2009, this wiki is primarily a workspace for AIC members.

Apart from AIC internal working groups and discussion forums there is also a considerable amount of public information planned, e.g. glossaries related to colour, links to digital books on colour, book reviews, member lists.

To gain access to AIC internal working groups and discussion forums you have to be an active member of AIC. To join the editing team of this wiki please contact Maria Musso <> and you will get a username and password.

In case of general questions please use the InternalPages/SupportContacts.

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