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This is the starting point for the help system. It tells you how to use this wiki, especially:

You can learn the basics in a few minutes and extend your knowledge as you go. Imitate what you see and like.

If you want to do some testing before starting serious writing, you can use the SandBox page. It's there for this very purpose.

At some time you can dig deeper using the extended documentation at:

Apart from the menu in the left sidebar, which is adapted to the needs of the user group of this wiki, there are some general wiki functions in the form of links that you need not operate but they may offer you valuable information:

  • "Changes" (top-right) -- shows the history of the recent contributions to this wiki. Who wrote. Which pages were changes. A "Diff" Link shows what has been changed.
  • "Preferences" (top-right) -- you can set your personal parameters and safe a pen name. You can access you personal functions, e. g. the upload directory or automatic e-mail notification.
  • "Archive" (bottom-right) -- lists and gives access to all page revisions. Content can be restored in case of mistakes or if you change your mind.
  • "Print" (bottom-right) -- offers a more printer-friendly version of the current page. Without menus and interface function links.
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