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International Color Day
This page is intended for you to post information about activities related to the celebration of the International Color Day (ICD) on March 21, every year.

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An International Color Day (ICD) has been considered appropriate since color is one of the most influential phenomena in people’s lives. All around the world memorable color activities are developed during the same day.

The adoption of the ICD was proposed in 2008 by the Portuguese Color Association, whose president, Maria Joao Durao, presented the idea to the International Color Association (AIC). The proposal was agreed in 2009 among the members of the AIC, composed of national associations and members representing more than 30 countries. The choice of the date comprised a good deal of discussion. The idea exposed by Leonhard Oberascher (from Austria) prevailed: March 21 every year is the equinoxaequus (equal), nox (night). Around the equinox, day and night are equally long, symbolically relating to the complementary nature of light and darkness expressed in all human cultures.

Logo: There was an international competition for the design of the logo, and the winner was announced at the 2012 meeting of the AIC in Taipei, Taiwan. As expressed by designer Hosanna Yau, from Hong Kong, "two circles form an eye, with an equal half of rainbow color and black representing light and darkness, day and night, everyone feast one's eye on the international color day."

Some of the activities and events that are unfolded on the International Color Day:

  • Arts exhibitions, architectural projects, design, decoration, fashion...
  • Meetings, debates, scientific events...
  • Workshops on the use of color and light for both adults and children.
  • Contests on color and light design.
  • Wearing national or regional identity colors.


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Synesthesia: Celebration of the International Color Day in AFOL Moda Milano, organized with students of the Digital Textile Design course. Prof. Renata Pompas (color), Prof. Laura del Zoppo (video). Students: Marzia Camerin, Ginevra Crescimanno, Mariangela Falcetta, Marco Greppi, Anna la Corte, Ilaria Lorenzoni, Claudia Marini, Francesca Motta, Carolina Palella, Elisa Passino, Diana Beatriz Petit, Matilde Sammartano



The Colour Science Research Unit organized on Friday, March 21, 2014, activities to celebrate the International Colour Day. A short movie, by Pichayada Katemake and others, briefly marks the activities of the day:



Colour in Clapham: International Colour Day spectrum. In association with Omnibus Clapham. The activities included talks, demonstrations, exhibits and interactive workshops throughout the day. With the support of the National Physical Laboratory [NPL], and Colour Group members, in fine arts, design, crafts, colour consultants, fashion experts, psychologists, academic experts, game designers...




Color exhibition & seminar: Celebration of the International Color Day 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with lectures at the University of Belgrano, and an exhibition during a week at the School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (FADU) of Buenos Aires University (UBA). Organized by the Color Research Program, FADU-UBA: Jose Luis Caivano, Mabel A. Lopez, Maria L. Musso, Gabriela Nirino, Matias Castella, Lucia Maillo, Leonard Echague, Gabriela Oberlander, and others.



A Colour Celebration: With the generous support of Federation Square, itself a very colourful place, it was the location for the Melbourne celebration by The Colour Society of Australia. Successful events were held also in Sydney and Launceston.



Video, Melbourne:


Colour talks: Two talks to university audiences about several color topics, by Carlos Aguirre (president of the Mexican Association of Color Researchers, and chairman of the Meeting AIC 2014, Oaxaca).


Unique wallpaper exhibition: Arsenic and old wallpaper is an unique exhibition of over 200 examples of old wallpaper from the period 1850-1940 from a small town South of Stockholm. The collection exists thanks to a number of very committed people.


Colors around the clock: The Color Association of Taiwan (CAT) contributed to the worldwide events by dedicating a color clock. Based on the ancient Chinese Five-Elements-Theory, this clock advises on the positive influence of different colors during the various day times. You are welcome to download it for your own reference.

Clock: .


Vanessa Volpe: In celebration of International Colour Day I held a low key, informal social media Facebook event. I began advertising on the evening of Sunday 17th, and by Thursday the 21st had almost 50 participants. According to my Facebook stats another 400+ (and counting) saw the event advertised. This social media event was based around a theory of ‘colour for well-being’. Individuals decided on their own activities for the event to fit around their lifestyle. Many people bought new clothing, accessories or home goods to boost mood, others revamped creative activities, enjoyed listening to colour themed music, or ate specifically coloured food. Some took part in relaxation activities. People participated mainly from the Northamptonshire area, UK, but also Cornwall, Scotland, Denmark, Canada, New York, Kentucky and else where. As a result of the interest I have been contacted by the local BBC radio to discuss my work further.

MARCH 21, 2013

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