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Elisabeth Condemine http://www.couleuretmarketing.comcolour marketing, colour stragegy, colour in purchasing process, Colour Culture
Jose Luis Caivano http://www.aisviavs.wordpress.comcolor in architecture, visual semiotics, color harmony, color order systems, appearance
Krishna Jaragjaragkrishna@gmail.comcolour chemistry
Miguel Neiva http://www.coloradd.netcolor communication, color identifying system, colorblind, graphic design, color vision,
Giordano Beretta imaging
Roy S. Berns imaging, digital archiving, and reproduction, art conservation science
Leonhard Oberascher http://www.leoncolor.comcolour psychology, colour marketing, colour in product design, environmental colour design, colour and light in architecture
Osvaldo da Pos and colour perception: colour constancy, chromatic induction, contrast and assimilation, transparency, fluorescence, colour and movement, colour combination, colour illusions
Karin Fridell Anter http://www.explicator.secolour in architecture
Joćo Carlos de O. Cesar in architecture- blog(test)
Ana Marija Grancaric http://www.ttf.hrwhiteness and yellowness of textiles, fluorescence in the world of whiteness, quenching of fluorescence, phosphorescence in the night textile effects, UVR spectral phenomena on textiles
Paula Csillag!/ProfaPaulacolour design, communication and education
Mark Kotterink http://kleurenschool.nlcolour education
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