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During the AIC meeting in Zurich 2011 Mark Kotterink presented the education plan of the BNK Foundation. Aim of the presentation was to start a discussion in the study group about colour education.

Background of the BNK Foundation Branch organization for Dutch Colour Experts

The BNK Foundation is the Branch organization for colour experts in the Netherlands and looks after their common interests.

The BNK Foundation will develop and support the development and distribution of scientific and applied colour knowledge. The BNK Foundation will offer platforms for communication between the various branches of the colour branch and for external communication from the branch.

The Foundation will ensure the quality of colour education and will promote the quality of colour applications in the branch.

More information about the BNK Foundation see Upload:MarkKotterink/FoundationBNK_ENG.pdf


Aim of the project is to develop lesson methods for professionals related to colour.

Explanation Dutch Education System

Explanation of abbreviations: WO = wetenschappelijk onderwijs – scientific education; HBO = hoger beroepsonderwijs – higher professional education; MBO (4 levels) = middelbaar beroepsonderwijs – upper secondary vocational education; VWO = voorbereidend wetenschappelijk onderwijs – pre-scientific education; HAVO = hoger algemeen voortgezet onderwijs – upper secondary general education; VMBO = voorbereidend middelbaar beroepsonderwijs – lower secondary general and pre-vocational education; VO = voortgezet onderwijs – (general) secondary education; PRO = praktijkonderwijs – labour-oriented education; VSO = voortgezet speciaal onderwijs – secondary special education; SBAO= speciaal basisonderwijs – special primary education; SO = speciaal onderwijs – special education.

Education Plan NL

BNK Foundation will develop competence profiles for the mentioned ideal typical professions to connect and complement the existing competence profiles and professions.

Ideal typical professions

To begin we will focus on secondary vocational education and start with a with the development of a knowlegdebank as foundation.

Basic Colour Education, secondary vocational education, level 3 Basic education for all professions who need skill to perceive colour and to communicate colour: stylists, coloradvisors, colourconsulents, architect visitors, quality controllers, salesmen, lab staff and so on.

Color Advisor

Assistent Color Quality Control


Technical Colourist


What are reliable sources?

Is there a booklist of reliable colour books?

CAn we set up a database with all research?

What belongs to colour fundamentals/ basics?

What does a sales person of coloured products need to know?

What does a colour designer need to know?

What does an architect need to know?

What does an interior architect need to know?

What does an employee colour quality control need to know

And what kind of skills are needed….


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